New Motor, New Gallery

13 June 2015 |

Since selling the Fiat Coupe a couple of years back I've missed having the fun of having a 'weekend' motor.

Well as time has gone on, I've come to the conclusion that I needed to fill the space on my drive and after much research, etc.  I've opted for a 2 tone Mini Cooper!  Ok, its no power house but it's definitely different and yes... I can fit into it :)

It's in pretty good nick so its not as much of a project as the Coupe was but that's fine.  My focus can be on keeping it in near tip-top condition :D

Latest pictures are in the gallery so be sure to check them out.

Oh my god!

10 February 2015 |

Ooer, last time I saw Faithless perform was in 2010 in the O2 just before they split up.

And now they are coming back!  Don't care when or where... I'll be there!!! Woohoo :)


Parkwood built

21 December 2014 |

After many months of saving, prudent purchasing and patience, the Parkwood is finally built.  Oh my what a beauty :)  Check her out in the new Mountain Biking gallery section.

Boom! Out of no where...

05 October 2014 |

Wednesday last week, myself and a passenger were happily waiting our turn to come off the A20 near Dover (on the approach to the Megger roundabout) when out of the blue, we are rear ended by a massive foreign lorry.  Brilliant.

Both myself and my passenger sustained injuries which we are still recovering from now and I expect will be for some time.  Essentially we are ok (its not like we died or lost limbs etc) but the whole experience was a bit shocking.  The lorry driver was Romanian, barely spoke english and to top it off, got out the cab wearing socks with flip-flops.  Wow!

Currently I'm still a bit shakey and ultra paranoid driving but I hope that will settle down soon enough.  On the upside, Suzi has been checked out and a repair of the rear end has been approved and will be done shortly (hurrah!).

Didn't see him coming.  It wasn't until he used me as a brake and rammed us 3 times that I had any idea what was going on.  The view out the back window was just a white grille!

Oh well, cars can be repaired and/or replaced - people can't.  So I'm grateful for that :)

Setting myself a project

30 August 2014 |

So I've made a decision to build a mountain bike from scratch.  This year I've really enjoyed getting back into hitting the paths, woods, cliffs, etc locally here in Kent so I'm really fancying the challenge of building my own bike.

With that thought, I recently purchased an On-One Parkwood frame and over the coming months (it'll take some time as I need to research how to install it all and save up the pennies to afford to do it!!).

Exciting times, and I'm sure in 2015 it'll be a great fun bike to hit the trails on.


07 July 2014 | - Click here to see something new.  It's a Google+ profile dedicated to oddities, random sights and near misses that are spotted when I'm out and about driving.  Sporty Suzi is my car, and her dashcam spots everything :)

I just thought it might be cool to have a place dedicated to pictures and videos from when I'm driving around and the Google+/YouTube account set up facilitates that rather well.  Early days at the moment, but I'm sure footage will come in thick and fast!!

Oooh, new toy

08 May 2014 |

Thought I'd see if I can get back into biking this summer.  Not only for something to do but also to help keep fit (well, attempt to anyhow!).   So a result, I've recently purchased a Carrera Vengeance bike 2nd hand from a lad in Folkestone.  Nothing too over the top or overly expensive but enough of a modern bike to see if I get a feel for it again.

Somehow I think my 15+ year old steel framed non suspension bike is perhaps past its best so I'm looking forward to some new adventures!


05 May 2014 |

So as you might notice there have been some changes - mainly to tie in with my new purchase (a Fiat Bravo T-Jet 150 Sport) :)  Sadly I had to say goodbye to Jocky my faithful and reliable Alfa 147, but the differnce in every aspect of the new Bravo has certainly put a grin back on my face.

Needless to say, it's good to be back in a Bravo!

Also there are some pictures from this year's AutoItalia Brooklands up for your viewing pleasure.  Check out the beastie looking Lamborghini with the blue wrap, it's pretty insane!

Enjoy! :)

All quiet!

02 March 2014 |

Wow, I hadn't quite realised how much little attention I've paid this site since last August!  Infact, there's nothing new on it since then!  Bad or what?!

Well with the evenings getting lighter and good weather coming, hopefully the pictures may start to be uploaded on a more frequent basis.  So... watch this space :)

No Spa for me

28 February 2014 |

I had planned to take my Alfa 147 to Spa Francorchamps this year in September but I feel unless I take a car that's equal in power (or greater) than the Coupe that I originally first drove round the course in, it will feel a bit of a let down.

So when I'm a millionaire and have my Lamborghini, I SHALL RETURN! Until then, it's normal roads for me.