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Parkwood built

21 December 2014 |

After many months of saving, prudent purchasing and patience, the Parkwood is finally built.  Oh my what a beauty :)  Check her out in the new Mountain Biking gallery section.

Setting myself a project

30 August 2014 |

So I've made a decision to build a mountain bike from scratch.  This year I've really enjoyed getting back into hitting the paths, woods, cliffs, etc locally here in Kent so I'm really fancying the challenge of building my own bike.

With that thought, I recently purchased an On-One Parkwood frame and over the coming months (it'll take some time as I need to research how to install it all and save up the pennies to afford to do it!!).

Exciting times, and I'm sure in 2015 it'll be a great fun bike to hit the trails on.

Oooh, new toy

08 May 2014 |

Thought I'd see if I can get back into biking this summer.  Not only for something to do but also to help keep fit (well, attempt to anyhow!).   So a result, I've recently purchased a Carrera Vengeance bike 2nd hand from a lad in Folkestone.  Nothing too over the top or overly expensive but enough of a modern bike to see if I get a feel for it again.

Somehow I think my 15+ year old steel framed non suspension bike is perhaps past its best so I'm looking forward to some new adventures!