Boom! Out of no where...

05 October 2014 |

Wednesday last week, myself and a passenger were happily waiting our turn to come off the A20 near Dover (on the approach to the Megger roundabout) when out of the blue, we are rear ended by a massive foreign lorry.  Brilliant.

Both myself and my passenger sustained injuries which we are still recovering from now and I expect will be for some time.  Essentially we are ok (its not like we died or lost limbs etc) but the whole experience was a bit shocking.  The lorry driver was Romanian, barely spoke english and to top it off, got out the cab wearing socks with flip-flops.  Wow!

Currently I'm still a bit shakey and ultra paranoid driving but I hope that will settle down soon enough.  On the upside, Suzi has been checked out and a repair of the rear end has been approved and will be done shortly (hurrah!).

Didn't see him coming.  It wasn't until he used me as a brake and rammed us 3 times that I had any idea what was going on.  The view out the back window was just a white grille!

Oh well, cars can be repaired and/or replaced - people can't.  So I'm grateful for that :)